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The Covid-19 virus that hit the country have crippled the lives of all sections of the society with majority of them losing their livelihoods and millions of people are falling into extreme poverty.Many have suffered massive damage of their capacity to earn a living with the loss of their livelihoods due to the long national lockdown across the country. Loss of livelihood not only leads to the inability to support families but also the emotional goes beyond financial stress.

HSF focused largely on the low skilled women labor by providing sewing machines to widow families, single mothers, physically challenged etc. The services were not just confined to women but also extended to street vendors, we have supported them by providing cycles, pushcarts for vegetable vendors, necessary kits for the carpenters, barbers, cobbler workers and many more occupational workers who were in need of livelihood.

We believe the support from HSF have helped them in strengthening livelihood and fulfil their family needs.
Helping Society Foundation has come up with many such initiatives to help people get back to their livelihoods,
we also thrived to provide necessary help for the marginal section of the society who struggle to make a decent living. Livelihood creation project is such initiative to make them happy