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Rural education development

Despite the “Right to Education” being a legal right in our country, only a small fraction of the population could able to access education leaving behind a majority section of children from rural backgrounds staying away from receiving a quality education. The results are not sufficiently good despite the government bringing in multiple schemes to increase the child intake ratio in the schools. This brings us back to the need of addressing the basic challenges the schools in rural areas are going through.

Often organizations prefer to work in urban localities for their easy accessibility. However, HSF prioritized schools located in rural areas to provide adequate supplies to the children. We have organized this project as part of our program “Gift a Book, Make a child’s future” to reach the remotest villages in various districts. Our team managed to renovate the schools by coloring the buildings, painting the blackboards, providing stationaries(Bags, Books, etc), ensuring the availability of benches, and conducting cleanliness programs to make the environment student-friendly, thus increasing the intake of the children.

We also reached to the Chenchu Tribes of Nallamalla Reserve Forest and provided the children with basic school supplies. Through this program, HSF aims not only to empower students but also to help them understand that education is a powerful weapon to break from the clutches of poverty.