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Relief Support

While disasters can results in tragic loss of life, property, material goods etc. What needs in the timely intervention as a response to the disaster, carry relief works providing aid for the people in need and who are struck in the disaster areas. Following are few such disasters that our HSF teams have provided immediate relief measures,

Relief works in Kerala:

Massive floods that hit the coastal areas of Kerala in 2019 recorded loss of thousands of lives and battles, destruction of property etc. The phase of recovery has become a challenge after the flood water receded in the areas. With homes completely destroyed by the floods and landslides, the survivors returned to their home only to find little remains of what they have been lived their whole life.
Our team at HSF have pooled in money and purchased groceries, books, collected old clothes and many more to provide relief assistance to the survivors.

Relief works during Covid-19(1st wave):

COVID-19 pandemic has become one of the worst health and economic crises in the modern history and it continues to require the best of humanity to overcome. As part of relief operations, we have distributed vegetables to the daily wage and migrant workers. Along with the groceries, we have also ensured to provide masks, sanitisers, medical and PPE kits to the residents of the slum regions. HSF have continued our relief services collaborating with Goonj organisation.

Hyderabad Flood Relief 2020:

The recent torrential rains that took place in major urban cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai caused massive floods. Heavy rainfall that hit Hyderabad has led to the capital city reeling under severe water logging, inundated roads, flooded houses, vehicles toppled and swept away. HSF took immediate flood relief support by distributing food packets, blankets, groceries to the flood affected areas.

Relief works during Covid(2nd wave):

Our team collaborated with the local health care workers to provide our services to the families infected with the virus and the families who were home isolated. HSF provided the families with nutritious food, ration kits, sanitisers and medical kits. We have extended our services to over 12000 families and intend to continue the same. Our services were not just confined to the infected families but also extended to physical challenged, migrant and health care workers, economically weaker sections, industrial workers, slums and many more, both at urban and rural areas of Telangana.

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