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Helping society Foundation, a Non profit organisation founded in the year 2015 has it’s own share of challenges until it was established as a fully functional organisation. Surely, the journey wasn’t easy. When we mooted the idea of setting up the foundation, the challenges ahead were imminent. The team, comprising mostly students, faced financial instability to register the foundation. Pooling of resources and staffing, setting up mission and objectives were some of our initial setbacks among many others. However, it’s the team’s will and genuine desire to help the vulnerable and deprived sections of the society made it possible to establish our presence in the society.

What started as participating in community services as a child have built up a sense of empathy and strong inclination towards social service, which formed a driving force over the years despite the uncertainties that came our way. What started as an individual contribution has evolved into a team of 150 self-motivated young people, volunteering over the works of HSF. What started as a bleak future now have flourished into a foundation contributing and expanding services to various sections of the society. We have successfully worked on several projects like Health care, Education, Rural Development works, Relief works, Shelter, Livelihood, Rescue operations and other social issues, through our community works.

We proudly attribute our success to our valuable resource, OUR TEAM. A team with same ideals and goals, of strong like-minded individuals helped in successful implementation of our social works.

We at HSF, are thrilled and beyond excited to walk you through our journey with this book, THE JOURNEY OF HSF.

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